"If You Want To Go Fast, Go Alone. If You Want To Go Far, Go Together."

African Proverb

Why Invest With Us?

We are looking to work with Private Investors that want to make a positive social impact with their capital. We take time to understand what our investors are looking for, and try our best to accommodate most requests. 

Your Investment experience is important to us and we treat our Investor’s money as if it is our own. All of our projects are de-risked as Investors receive their investment and returns before Castell Group receive any proceeds.

Please note that Investors must be classed as Sophisticated Investors, High-Net Worth, or Ultra-High Net Worth.

Earn great returns in our De-Risked 100% Pre-Sold Developments *Qualified Investors Only*

Common Investment Solutions

Having borrowed millions of pounds in finance, we understand our Investor’s common needs. Every Investor is different and has their own unique circumstances, however by coincidence, there are a few Investment types that achieve the required results for most. If you feel that your needs won’t be achieved by one of these, please contact us as we’re always happy to consider bespoke solutions.

Fixed Passive Return

This investment opportunity is for those Investors that require a fixed guaranteed return on their investment, either Rolled Up or Paid Monthly.

Loan and Learn

Our team has experience in delivering high quality developments and we understand some Investors would like to know more about the process. We provide a comprehensive educational experience whilst the Investors are earning a return on their investment.

Wealth Compounding

This investment is all about creating wealth over an extended period of 5 years plus. It is a long-term investment where returns are rolled up and compounded yearly. The full investment and return is then paid back at the end of the term.

Guaranteed Passive Return

12-24 Months
  • Guaranteed Return
  • Completely hands off – Passive
  • Monthly, Yearly or Rolled Up Return

Loan and Learn

12-24 Months
  • Fantastic Return
  • Education Provided – In Depth on Project
  • Learn as Much as You Need – Every Step is Covered
  • Ability to attend site meetings and meet team members
  • Full transparency with project documents and figures
  • Templates, Advice and Guidance provided

Wealth Compounding

5 Years Min
  • Longer Commitment
  • Proven Strategy to Build Wealth
  • Fantastic Return
  • Interest Compounded Yearly
  • Passive or Learn